Cecelia & Duane Holm Named 2008 Citizens of the Year

Citizens of the Year Cecelia & Duane Holm are among the neighborhood’s premier activists. Ce has largely focused her energy on neighborhood matters related to education. Duane has focused on city and region-wide issues, particularly in his 33-year role with the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati (MARCC). Their individual and collective long-term contributions to our neighborhood and community can only be described as remarkable and outstanding.

Ce was born in Connecticut, and as an “Army brat” she lived in many places. Duane was born in Kansas. He had intended to work in forestry, but in 1958 he graduated from the Yale Divinity School.

They met in Chicago and married in Scotland, while serving in a Church of Scotland churchand-

settlement house. 40 years ago Duane and Ce moved into the first and only house they have ever owned—on Kinoll Ave.

Ce was one of the founders of the KH Montessori Center in the mid-’60’s, when it was housed at the KH Presbyterian Church. Over the next 30 years she served as teacher, president, and Director until retiring in the late 1990’s. Her Montessori alums have blossomed in Cincinnati and around the world. Ce has given hundreds of hours as Chair of our Community Council’s Education Committee, with a main focus on increasing the link between Woodford Paideia and Kennedy Heights.

In 1968 Duane became the organizing pastor of Cincinnati’s experimental Congregation for Reconciliation. For 30 years he served as of the Metropolitan Area Religious Council of Cincinnati (MARCC). In 1981 Duane served as President of our Community Council and together with Ce he has had an enduring passion for school issues, attending countless Board of Education meetings and mapping campaigns and strategies in the quest for assuring the best quality education for the children of KH.

Ce suffered had a stroke in July. Their joint Citizen of the Year award was presented at Marjorie P. Lee Home where she has been recuperating. She expects to return home sometime in late 2008.

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